Om Meditation - Sudha Ragunathan

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Om Chanting Sudha Ragunathan
Buy the CD from - When the transcendent absolute desires to manifest out of its own volition, there is a movement, a sitar, a throb. This primordial throb "adya spanda" starts a series of vibrations, which take the form of sound, "nada" which is the precursor of the creation of objects -- nitya vak or Aksara. Aksara is represented by the seed symbol 'AUM/OM' for; it is the inexpressible fountain source of all the original rhythms of the supreme ether. The foundation of all the creative sounds of the revealed word, 'OM' is the universal formulation of the energy of sound and speech. Other seed sounds out of whose stuff, words of speech are woven are supposed to be the developed evolutions of 'OM' 'OM' contains and sums up, synthesizes and releases, all the spiritual power and all the potentiality of 'vak and sabda' of all these sounds. All words and thoughts are an out flowering of the great 'OM-'OM' the word, the Eternal, manifest in the form of sensible objects, manifest in that consicent powers of the Infinite. 'OM' is the sovereign source; seed sound 'OM' is the sound symbol that is use before every other 'Manthre'. Om should lead towards the opening of the consciousness to the sight and feeling of the one, consciousness in all material things, in the inner being and in the supra-physical worlds, in the casual plane, above now super conscient to us and finally the supreme liberated transcendence above all cosmic existence. Could there be a more simple seed sound than 'OM' for the meditation for human beings in this jet-set material life.