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    Om Jai Jagadish - Spiritual Music From India (Instrumental)


    by MusicAndChants

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    Buy the Audio CD from: India's classical music is essentially spiritual and sublime. India reads the entire cosmos as divine vibrations form Shiva's damaru (the kettledrum), perceiving his entire form as spiritual sounds (Naada). 'Spiritual Music of India' takes you away from the conflict and clamour of modern life and puts you in the centre of the sanctuary of 'Om', the greatest sounds. Deep calls form the bamboo and enticing vibration from the sitar draw you into the inner worlds of beauty and calm. Chime to the eleven exquisite tracks in 'Spiritual Music of India' and see a deeper tranquillity entering your heart. Let lovely Indian ragas and cadences take you into an inner voyage of peace and happiness. Re-discover India's true sounds and a deep peace through this precious album. 1. Om om 2. Bomma bomma 3. Gayathri mantra 4. Om jai jagadish hare 5. Shiva stuti 6. Lingastakam 7. Sarvamangala mangalye 8. Mahishasura mardini (aigiri nandini) 9. Venkatesha namavalee (sri venkatesha sri srinivasa) 10. Venkateshwara sthotram 11. Hariharathmajam vishwamohanam