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    Random Old School Sports Clip #1

    Jerry Christian Gary

    by Jerry Christian Gary

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    It was September 9th, 1995 (a year and some months after the STRIKE THAT SHOCKED THE WORLD), and baseball in Houston (and the rest of the U.S. and Canada), was back. But on that night, two things happened that made Houston Astros fans never forget. One, a brawl, and two, payback. First, the brawl happened because the previous night, Craig Biggio got hit off a wild pitch from Mark Portugal, then..... well, just see the video and you'll know exactly what Bill Worrell & Bill Brown are talking about.

    Footage from this video is courtesy of and MLB Productions.

    Date & Place: 9/5/1995, Houston Astrodome

    Teams Playing: The Cincinnati Reds & The Houston Astros

    Broadcasters: Bill Worrell & Bill Brown

    Footage From: & MLB Productions