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    Hitopadesha - Animated Stories - The Talkative Tortoise

    Buy the DVD at: Hitopadesha tales are logical simple and straight forward. The main players in these tales are birds, animals and humans. Written originally in Sanskrit, the main purpose behind the Hitopadesha is to teach young minds the basic philosophy of life and help them grow into responsible adults. Even in today's world these stories continue to inspire people with their simplicity and substance. * A Friend in Need: This is a story of four fast friends, a mouse, a crow, a deer and a tortoise who help each other in a tussle with their worst enemy - a human hunter. * The Clever Idea: This is the story of two crows, who take the help of an intelligent jackal to overcome their enemy a deadly serpent. * The talkative Tortoise: This fun filled story is about a tortoise that loses his life as he is unable to control his tongue. It explains the moral that one should not talk unnecessarily. * The Lion, the Fox and the Ass: In this story, a clever and patient fox deceives the mighty lion with his sheer intelligence and skill. * Honesty: This is the story of an honest King who sets out to choose a trustworthy Prince of his kingdom. A tale of wit and fun, not to be missed * The Blind Vulture: This is the story of a blind vulture, which loses all his good friends because of the bad company he keeps, with a cunning cat. * The Intelligent Jackal: This story of a jackal, a pundit and a wolf reminds us that knowledge from books alone does not suffice, what matters is how one uses it practically. * Brahman and the three thieves: This story tells of how a wise Brahmin loses his goat to three thieves, as they frighten him with their silly remarks.