Dr Craig Aaen Stockdale - Neuroscience for the Soul

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Dr. Craig Aaen Stockdale (Optometry, Bradford) will give an introduction to the field of neurotheology, which attempts to relate religious behaviour and experience to the workings of the brain. He will review the current literature and give his own thoughts on what, if anything, this tells us.

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Dr' Stockdale is wrong...
"the studies have no comparison group" is an absurdity for a so called scholar. An experiment without control group is impossible to be licensed.
He seems to ignore Andrew Newberg studies
Probably he hadn't made a good research to support his "opinion". This video is nothing more than a provocation, without any serious scientifical claim or comment. Why Stockdale doesn't limit himself in the field of optometry?? :D
Even if the work on Persinger's god's Helmet sounds good, Stockdale seems to ignore recent findings on quantum consciousness . So, If this video is a critique of a particular field of neuroscience (we can call it "neurotheology") it's an arrogant attempt to do so. Stockdale appears as a noob of research.
I want to focus your attention on his words about meditation research: no one word on the pluri-confirmed role of meditation on well being (with physio and psychological mesearues and a lot of researches , with comparison group,since last 40 years)
By dm_507e895218ad2 2 years ago