Yoga For Diabetes Viparita Karani

Buy the Yoga For Diabetes DVD at: or The ancient Indian art and science of Yoga has become popular as a therapeutic modality and is used as such by many in the modern world today. This presentation introduces various practices from the Gitananda Yoga tradition that can help in correcting health problems faced by the diabetic patients. Yoga reduces stress and balances the metabolic, autonomic and endocrine functions. The regular practice of Yoga helps reduce insulin resistance and improves the glucose utilization and response to a glucose load. Yoga can thus help in the prevention and control of Diabetes and may prevent many of its deadly complications. 1. Surya Namaskar 2. Hastha Kona Kriya 3. Pada Hastha Asana 4. Trikona Asana 5. Padottana Asana 6. Vajra Asana 7. Sapurna Sasha Asana 8. Purna Sasha Asana 9. Danda Kriya 10. Vakra Asana 11. Ardha Matsyendra Asana 12. Eka Pada Uttanpada Asana 13. Dwi Pada Uttanpada Asana 14. Shirasa Uttana Asana 15. Pawan Mukta Asana 16. Jatara Parivritta Asana 17. Sarvanga Asana 18. Janu Sirasa Sarvanga Asana 19. Viparita Karani 20. Hala Asana 21. Matsya Asana 22. Nava Asana 23. Paschimottana Asana 24. Bhujangasana 25. Dhanur Asana 26. Kukkriya Pranayama 27. Kavi Pranayama 28. Chandra Nadi Pranayama 29. Pranava Pranayama 30. Shavasana 31. Om Japa