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    Animated Nursery Rhymes - Hush Little Baby

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    Buy the DVD at: or Animated Nursery Rhymes for kids is a musical method of your learning favourite rhymes. It is a perfect sing along album for preschoolers, or anyone with a love for nursery rhymes. It helps to enhance the learning process with voice, sing along and music. Animated Nursery Rhymes are an enjoyable learning experience for children. This DVD consists of 11 of the most popular children's rhymes accompanied with beautiful orchestra music that has been enjoyed and consequently passed on from one generation to the next. With Karaoke and Lyrics for the Kids to watch and sing along. 1. Happy Birthday, 2. Baa baa Black sheep, 3. Little boo beep, 4. Eincy wincey spider, 5. Curley locks, 6. Hockey Pockey, 7. Lady Bug, 8. Little Bunny foo foo, 9. One little two little, 10. Hush little baby 11. She will be coming.