Gods Of Indian Mythology - Animated Stories - Parvati & Shiva

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Buy the DVD at: http://www.superaudio.in/animation-stories-dvds-gods-of-indian-mythology-ganesh-shiva-hanuman-krishna-dvd-p-4654.html or http://www.musicandchants.com/ Animated Stories in English * LORD GANESHA: *How Ganesha got the Head of an Elephant: This is the interesting tale that explains how Ganesh came to have the head of an elephant. It is just another example of Ganesh's devotion to his mother and his single-minded determination to follow her orders, which even lead to him losing his head. * How Ganesha Began Travelling On A Mouse: This story tells us why Ganesh travels on a mouse. He crushed the ego of an asura called Gajamukhasura who transformed himself to a mouse and devoted himself to serve Lord Ganesha. So Ganesh decided to travel on his back. * LORD SHIVA: Birth of Parvathi: When sati ends him life by immersing herself in the yagna fire, she is reborn as parvathi, the daughter of a great king Himavat, ruler of the Himalaya's. Parvathi has a great desire to marry Lord Shiva so she goes to the place where he is meditating and begins to serve him. * Tarakasura: This tale of an assura called tarakasura. Because of his desire to become immortal, he does severe penance and finally Brahma grants him a boon that only Shiva's son will be able to kill him. Rendered almost immortal. Tarakasura begins to wreck havoc and harasses all the devas including Indra. * Shiva And Parvathi: Upon Brahma's advice, indri requests Kama and Rati, the gods of love. To make Shiva fall in love with parvathi. Kama tries to aim his arrow at Shiva but Shiva, in his fury, burns Kama to ashes, finally parvathi herself wins Shiva's heart by doing severe penance. With her fathers, permission Shiva and Parvathi marry. * LORD HANUMAN: Hanuman meets Ram: In this story, we see the circumstances that led to Hanuman's first encounter with Lord Ram. As soon as he met him, he pledged undying devotion to him and his cause of finding Sita. * Hanuman in search of Sita: This is story of the various obstacles Hanuman encounters on his mission to find Sita and how he overcomes them with valour, strength and presence of mind. * LORD KRISHNA: Krishna and King Arasandha: This story explains how Lord Krishna heard King Yudhishthira's request to perform Rajasuya Yagna and then how tactfully Lord Krishna helped Bheema to defeat King Jarasandha, son of king Brihadratha. * Krishna and Naragasura: This story tells how Lord Krishna killed Narakasura, the son of the earth goddess, he created chaos in the heavens and mother Aditi's earring.