Dr. Leif Vold, MD – Robotic Hysterectomies at The Everett Clinic

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Dr. Leif Vold, MD is a practicing OB/GYN (Obstetrics and Gynecology) at The Everett Clinic.

Robotic hysterectomies have a huge advantage (to any laparoscopic hysterectomy) in that we can now remove a uterus, even a large uterus that might previously have required a large incision, and we can now remove that safely, confidently and reliably, through very small incisions.

Small incisions mean less infection, less complications, and significantly reduced recovery time. People can get back to their normal lives much faster than was possible just a few years ago.

For more information on Dr. Vold, please visit http://www.everettclinic.com/Physicians/Leif%20Vold.ashx?p=1641&srchdep=35.