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    Tales Of Lord Ganesha - Animated Stories

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    buy the DVD at: or The most lovable and friendly of all Gods, Lord Ganesha is worshipped as the Lord of beginnings, the Lord of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the God of intellect and wisdom. He is honored with affection at the start of any ritual or ceremony and invoked as the patron of Letters at the beginning of any writing. Ganesha has many other titles and epithets, including Ganapati and Vighneswara. The son of Ishwara and Parvati, Ganesha has even saved the Gods when they were in trouble. * Ganesha curses the moon: In this story Ganesha crushes the pride of the moon and teaches the moon a lesson. This is an important lesson for anyone who has too much pride. * To the rescue of the Gods: Ganesha is known as Vigneshwara because his devotees believe that he can sort out all obstacles and difficulties. In this story, Ganesha comes to the rescue of the other gods. He stops King Ravana from taking the Atma Linga that was given to him by Lord Shiva to Sri Lanka. * Lessons for young Ganesha: The moral of this story is that no one should harm any living being no matter how small or insignificant they may be. When Ganesha harms a cat, Parvati teaches him this lesson. * Ganesha and the river Kaveri: This is the story of the birth of the river Kaveri, Ganesha takes the form of a crow and helps Agastiyar find a suitable place to form the river kaveri. * How Ganesha got the head of an Elephant: This is the interesting tale that explains how Ganesh came to have the head of an Elephant. It is just another example of Ganesh's devotion to his mother and his single minded determination to follow her orders which even lead to him losing his head. * How Ganesha began traveling on a Mouse: This story tells why Ganesh travels on a Mouse. He crushed the ego of an asura called Gajamukhasura who transformed himself to a mouse and devoted himself to serve lord Ganesha. So Ganesha decided to travel on his back. * Ganesha's Victory: In this story Ganesha explains the importance of parents. He and his brother Karthikeya are both asked to travel around the world. While his brother actually traveled around the world on his peacock, Lord Ganesh simply went around his parents, thus showing that they are his world. * Pride goes before a fall: In this story, Lord Ganesha teaches Kubera a lesson because he paraded his wealth in front of Lord Shiva. * How Ganesha lost his tusk: In this story, we come to know how Lord Ganesha lost his trunk. One day, when he was guarding his parents palace, Parasurama tried to enter it without permission. They got into a fierce fight and in the course of the fight Ganesh lost his tusk when the Parasu was thrown by Parasurama.