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    Vikram & Betal - Animated Stories - Rebirth Joy

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    Buy the DVD at: or Animated Stories in English. The stories of Vikram and Betal originally written in Sanskrit, have been an integral part of Indian folklore for many centuries. Legend has it that King Vikramaditya, in order to fulfill a vow, was required to remove a corpse from a treetop and carry it on his shoulder to another place in silence. In between, the spirit of Betal (residing in the corpse) narrates a story to the king and poses a query. When the king responds with the answer, the corpse files back to the treetop! The king has to go after the vampire and start all over again. This follows in a succession of stories and answers. A tantalizing setting.. intriguing tales.. and exciting answers. A veritable feast of stimulating stories. 1. King Vikramaditya helps a sage by bringing a corpse for a special ritual to be performed by the sage. This lands Vikram into a cycle knotty questions and wise answers. 2. Rebirth joy: Vikramaditya answers the riddle - why did a sage first laugh and then cry before giving up his body to enter another. 3. The Flying Chariot: Three young men help release an abducted girl - now who should marry her? Vikram solves the problem. 4. Queen question: Who is the most tender of the King's three queens? Only Vikram can tell. 5. Faithful servant: A magical story of a young man and a water fairy. What is the request that the king make to the fairy? 6. The Generous King: A King gives up his kingdom for the love of a beautiful woman. What happens to the loyal minister who brought this misfortune on the Kingdom? 7. The Blunder: When the heads of a prince and his friend get interchanged, Who is the prince and who the friend? Vikram gives to crucial answer. Highly interesting story. 8. Height of sensitivity: Who is the most sensitive of three sons of a farmer? The King has to decide.