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    Jataka Tales - Smart Tales - The Golden Elephant - Animated Movie

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    Buy the DVD at: Animated Stories in English. Intelligence, wit, presence of mind, these are very important to survive in a challenging world. Smart Tales imparts these qualities to kids through its lively characters of beasts and humans. Imaginatively illustrated and graphically animated, these tales present interesting situations and out-of-the-solutions to problems. The young and growing will love to be part of the magical world created in this video. Find out here: Why did the elephant feign to the nasty lion that he was suffering from a terrible cold? How the shrewd donkey got his friend the watchman dog out of a sticky wicket? How the elephant saved its golden tusk from the greedy woman? How the smart judged saved the poor farmer from the greedy poultry shopkeeper? What happened when the lazy student tried to pull a quick one on his clever teacher? and more tales that educate you even as you are entertained.