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    Jataka Stories - Elephant Tales - The Winner Jumbo - Animated Movie

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    Buy the DVD at: Animated Stories in English. The Jataka Tales are stories of the Buddha's former births and the Buddha being one of the greatest teachers of compassion and right conduct, what you have here are wonderful tales to tutor the young in good values. The characters of the Jataka tales are mostly animals, and in this case, they are elephants. These graphically animated Jumbo tales beautifully instill culture and character into kids. Find out what one of the royal elephants did to call the bluff of a physician who wanted to settle scores wit crows. A man, who earned his money by making his powerful elephant do deeds of great physical challenge, had a fall when he crossed the line of good conduct. His elephant reformed him with remarkable wisdom. A wise elephant teaches the quails how to escape from the scheming hunter. What happened to Girly Face, the good-natured elephant one day that his nature changed dramatically. Find out the secret of a good life. What is that makes others truly respect some one? High birth, wealth, knowledge? Find out along with the king's advisor on what earns a man all-round respect. The careful elephant comes to the rescue of the gullible camel and saves him form sure death. Find out what happened to an elephant who helped a poor woman by giving her bits of his golden tusk. The story of the hunter, the doves, the elephant and the all-important mouse. What happened to the lost fox who was brought up.