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    Jataka Tales- The Bold & Wise Tree - Animation

    Buy the DVD at: Animated Short Stories of Jataka Tales in English. The Jataka Tales are a veritable treasure of Indian folklore, legend and fable. Each time these popular stories are told, they acquire a new color and fresh dimension. Besides being entertaining, the Jataka tales give us invaluable information about ancient Indian civilization, culture and philosophy. The wisdom of right thinking and right living is preserved in the Jataka tales. This collection includes a selection of fascinating animal tales on the theme of courage. Be inspired by the fascinating tale of the brave pig that kills greedy tiger and becomes the chief of its tribe. Take a page from the life of a lion-hearted deer that makes a king quit hunting for ever. View the friendship between a farmer and a crab and find out how the crab saves the farmer's life. Find out how a minister-swan saves the life of the king-swan. We will also remember forever the tales of the bold and wise tree and the dauntless goat narrated beautifully in this collection.