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    Nursery Rhymes for Kids - Row Row Row your Boat

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    Buy the DVD at: Nurture your child with this bright, sprightly, enthusing sheaf of nursery rhymes. Let your child's imagination be fired by the sheer vibrancy and enthusiasm of these peppy rhymes that not only open up the gates of verbal communication and language but also instill the zest for life. Sung with enjoyment, these nursery rhymes will make kids familiar with English words easily. The awareness of the distinctions between similar sounds and of the different combination that sounds can come in will enrich your child's grasp of life and language. Rhymes and verse are so much easier for the child to remember and when the rhyme swings to uplifting music, the grasp is marvelous. Let these vivid nursery rhymes paint pictures in the heads of your children giving them a solid oral English basis. There is a wide range here of famous rhymes and a great variety in rhythm and tempo. So here's the way through 28 Nursery Rhymes to let the little stars twinkle all the while. ** Tracks: 1. Bits of Paper 2. Coming down the mountain 3. Goozy Goozy 4. Here we go round 5. He's a jolly good fellow 6. Hot cross buns 7. If your happy 8. Jack and Jill 9. Little Boo Beep 10. London Bridge 11. Mary had a little lamb 12. My Bonnie lies 13. Postman 14. Ring a ring a roses 15. Rock a bye baby 16. Row row row your boat 17. Spider 18. There was a man 19. There is a hole in the bucket 20. This old man 21. Three blind mice 22. To market to market 23. Twinkle twinkle little 24. Weezel 25. Crooked man 26. Ding dong bell 27. Loopsy 28. Pussy cat pussy cat