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    Ayurvedic Indian Home Made Remedy Cure For Dark Circles

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    Buy the DVD at: 1. How To Make Your Own Hair Dye - Ingredients: Hybiscus Leaves, Hubiscus Flowers, Coconut Oil, Pan and Grinding Stone 2. Home Made Cure For Dark Circles - Ingredients: Cucumber, Fresh Lemon, Green Gram Power, Gingerly Oil and Grinding Stone 3. Herbal Remedy For High Sugar Levels - Ingredients: Goose Bery (Dry), Turmeric (Dry) and Grinding Stone 4. Cure For Chronic Cough - Ingredients: Black Sesame, Jaggary, Dry Ginger and Grinding Stone 5. Get Rid Of Acne At Home - Ingredients: Raktha Chandanam (Red Sandal), Milk and Grinding Stone 6. Herbal Cure For Hair Loss - Ingredients: Fenugreek Seeds, Amal (Goosse Berry), Curry Leaves, Coconut Oil, Pan and Stove