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    Learn To Play Musical Instruments - Violin

    Buy the DVD at: The Violin is the most common among the bowed instruments. The world Violin comes form the middle Latin word Vitula meaning stringed instruments. It is supposed to be the king of all musical instruments because of its rich tonal quality, soothing sound and its simple structural form. The violin was the first western instrument to be absorbed completely into Indian Music. It occupies a very important place in the sage of Indian Music. This DVD of Learn to Play Violin is presented by a well-known Indian Classical Carnatic Violinist Smt. Kalpana Venkat. The Lessons on this DVD have been tailored in a way that you can learn and practice within the comfort of your home. CONTENTS: 1. History and Artist Profile 2. Introduction 3. Parts of Violin 4. Types of Violin 5. Sizes of Violin 6. Holding the Violin and Bow 7. Bowing Techniques 8. Tuning of the Violin 9. Basic Lessons 10. Concert Pattern 11. Tips for Students