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    Learn To Play Musical Instruments with E. Gayathri - Veena (Volume 2)

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    Buy the DVD at: or Veena is a very ancient instrument dating back to Vedic times. This instrument adores Goddess Saraswathi, the consort of the creator; all emotions, feelings and rasas evolved from this instruments - says mythology. Veena vadana is a highly superior form of yoga through which the Jeevathma meets the Paramathma, if played in full understanding and harmony with the instrument. This DVD of Learn to Play Veena Vol - 2 is presented by a well-known Veena Vidhushi Smt. E. Gayathri. The Lessons on this DVD have been tailored in a way that you can learn and practice within the comfort of your home. CONTENTS: 1. Introduction 2. Specific Exercises 3. Alankaras 4. Dhattu Varisai 5. Geetham 6. Swarajathi 7.Varnam 8. Concert Pattern 9. Tips of Practice Veena