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    Learn To Play Musical Instruments - Tabla Volume 3

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    Buy the DVD at: This DVD is dedicated to many Great Masteros of Tabla like Ustad Ahemadjan Thirkwa, Ustad Aamir Hussain Khan Saib, Ustad Allarakha, Ustad Shekh Dawood Khan Saib, Pt. Khante Maharaj, Pt. Anookhilal Mishra, Pt. Krishna Maharaj, Pt. Shanta Prasad, Pt. Lalji Gokhale Pt. Taranath and many living legends who have given their life to the cause of growth and development Tabla. I am grateful to my Guru's Pt. Ravindra Yavagal and Pt. Suresh Talwakar who have been inspiring, motivating and guiding me to learn Tabla. CONTENTS: Definition of Technical Terms: Taals, Theka, Lehra and Padhant. Compositions of Tabla: Mukhra, Mohra, Tukra, Gath, Paran, Chakradhar and Rela. Lessons by Udyaraj Karpur.