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    Dance Of India - Learn Bharatanatyam - Natya Vardhini - Adavus, Alarippu & Jatisvaram

    Buy the DVD at: BHARATA NATYAM being the oldest and purest form of Indian Classical dance is a combination of music, expression and rhythm. The two facets of Indian dance, the Tandava (vigorous) and the Lasya (gentle) blend beautifully in Bharatanatyam. It encompass all the elements of dance, drama and spiritually elevate the audience. Bharatanatyam is poetry in motion and all the cognate elements of Bhava, Raga and Tala reveal themselves as all in one. 1. Dance Prayers 2. Preparatory Exercises 3. Basic Thattadavus - Stamping of feet 4. Nattadavus - Introduction of stretches 5. Paraval Adavus - Space covering adavus 6. Hastha Mudras - Hand Gestures 7. Alarippu and Jatisvaram - the first tow items in a margam. SREKALA BHARATH: A disciple of renowned Guru K.J.Sarasa, Srekala Bharath is a passionate dancer, an ingenious choreographer and an inspirational teacher of international repute. Srekala started dancing at the tender age of seven with her imitable style, nimble footwork and exquisite abhinaya. She has created thematic presentations ranging from traditional classic to modern day concepts winning critical acclaim including the Kalaimamani, Tamilnadu state award, and the Bharata Rathnam from the Government of Sri Lanka. Srekala is deeply committed to the exceptional development of her students enabling them to evolve as artistes as they share in her creative journey at Thejas an institution she founded that defines talent and continues to empower artistic expression in Chennai, India for over a decade.