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    Yoga For Weight Loss - For Beginners - Basic Warm Up

    Buy the DVD at: Presented by Yogacharya Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, International Centre for Yoga Education and Research at Ananda Ashram, Pondicherry. Obesity is a public-health problem and is a major risk factor for numerous conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and osteoarthritis. Obesity occurs as the result of imbalance between the food energy intake and the energy expenditure of the body. Yoga helps to reduce weight through the adoption of a healthy life style that includes aspects of dietary control along with the various Yoga techniques that are designed to burn up the excess calories and redistribute body fat in a healthy manner. Yoga also helps correct the numerous psychological conditions that may be causing the excessive weight gain such as depression. This presentation deals with Surya Namaskar, an important Yogic practice for the neuro-endocrine system along with the important Asanas, Pranayamas, Kriyas and relaxation practices that can help reduce appetite, improve digestion, speed up metabolism and produce psychosomatic relaxation. Section-1: Jattis - Basic Warming Up Practices Practices done from standing, sitting and lying down positions. Section-2: Aruna Surya Namaskar: The Sun Salutation. Section-3: Practices Done From Standing: Hastha Kona Kriya, Trikona Asana, Uddiyana Bandha and Agnisara Kriya. Section-4: Practices Done From Sitting, Vajra Asana, Danda Kriya, Vakra Asana, Ardha Matsyendra Asana, Ushtra Asana and Paschimottana Asana. Section-5: Practices Done From Lying Down: Pavan Mukta Kriya, Eka Pada Uttanpada Asana, Dwi Pada Uttanpada Asana, Shirasa Uttaria Asana,Jatara Parivritta Asana, Nava Asana, Bhujanga Asana and Dhanur Asana. Section-6: Topsy Turvy Practices: Sarvanga Asana,Janu Sirasa in Sarvanga Asana and Hala Asana. Section-7: Pranayamas For Weight Reduction: Surya Nadi Pranayama, Kukkriya Pranayama, Sheetali Pranayama and Kavi Pranayama. Section-8: Yogic Relaxation: Kaya Kriya. Section-9: Schedules for Weight Reduction.