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    Ayurvedic Home - Made Remedy Cure For Headaches

    Buy the DVD at: 1. Make Your Own Kajal - Ingredients: Silver Lamp, Silver Plate, Two Wooden Blocks, Cow's Ghee and Castor Oil 2. Home Made Cure For Headaches - Ingredients: Dry Ginger, Milk and Grinding Stone 3. Herbal Treatment For Hemorrhoids - Ingredients: Small Onions, Ghee, Pan and Stove 4. Cure Your Cough At Home - Ingredients: Vasa Leaves, Honey, Stove 5. A Decoction For Motion - Ingredients: Katukai (Terminalia Chebula), Water, Pan and Stove 6. Herbal Remedy For Distension - Ingredients: Asafetida, Cumin Power, Water, Pan and Stove 7. Herbal Mouth Wash For Tooth Problems - Ingredients: Black Sesame, Milk and Grinding Stone