Saint Kabir - Animated Movie For Children

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Clip from the DVD : Kabir - Animated Stories For Children Buy the DVD: "If you say God dwells only in the mosque or He dwells only in an idol, then who dwells in the rest of the world? Search for Him in you heart, search for Him deep within yourself. That is the place where He lives, that is His true abode." This is Kabir. Lord Vishnu, changes a flower to a handsome kid and Lakshmi leaves it on the banks of the river Ganga. A poor muslim weaver finds the kid and takes him home as he was childless. He was Kabir. Kabir grew up , but he was adoring, both the Hindu and Muslim principles but he was against the religious immatureness of both the religions. He sets the animals free , held captive for animal sacrifices and people were against him for his forward practices. After growing up, Kabir goes to meet a Hindu Guru Ramanand. He accepts Kabir as his disciple. But Kabir had a strong intuitiveness that he was able to find what his Guru was thinking. A peculiar incident becomes great turning point in Kabirs life. He becomes a great spiritual personality from then on. Kabir teaches a lesson to the Fakir, who was proud of his holiness and he saves his King from a Strict Sultan. Many interesting stories, in this animated Content , will make anyone wonder, who learns about Kabir and his miracles. God cannot be seen by the eyes nor perceived by the senses; He cannot be heard by the ears nor described through words; He is beyond the reach of physical efforts, yet, for the convenience of expression, we call him the ultimate creator of all." These were the words of Kabir about the Supernatural Power.