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    European Commission Takes Hungary to Court


    by NTDTelevision

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    European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso says the Commission will start legal proceedings against Hungary. The move comes as a response to a raft of new laws in Hungary which the EU says are not in line with the spirit of democracy.

    President Jose Manuel Barroso said on Tuesday the European Commission has decided to start legal proceedings against Hungary because of its failure to make changes to a raft of new laws governing its central bank, the judiciary and data protection authority.

    [Jose Manuel Barroso, EU Commission President]:
    "The college has just decided to launch infringement proceedings against Hungary on three issues: independence of the central bank, the retirement age of judges and the independence of the data protection authority."

    Barroso says the EU Commission hopes Hungarian authorities will make changes to respect the European law, but this has not happened so far.

    [Jose Manuel Barroso, EU Commission President]:
    "The decisions we have taken today are a reflection of our determination to make sure that European law both in lecture and in spirit are fully respected and a stable legal environment existing in all of our member states. Hungary is a key member of the European family, we do not want a shadow of doubt on the respect for democratic principles and values to remain over the country any longer."

    An EU official said Hungary would now have one month to change the laws or be taken to the European Court of Justice, the EU's highest court.