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by lekstromi

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How To Get The Best Price For Canon PowerShot SX230HS 12.1 MP Digital Camera

I bought this camera as a replacement for my Canon SD800IS, where I was very interested in getting the new GPS capabilities. I also have a professional camera with my Canon 7D, so this is more of a family/trip camera.

Overall, I'm very happy the photo quality and manual features offered (control over exposure level, aperture setting, flash level, etc.) Having a single button to shoot video is great. However, the battery life is much shorter than my old camera. I'm getting around 200-220 photos (instead of 600+), with a few videos thrown in, per battery with the GPS feature turned on. Buy an extra battery. For the GPS: it takes about 1-2 minutes for the camera to lock on the satellites once outside. I think it's cool to see exactly where you took a photo and this will be neat for vacations (wish I had it for an Italy trip a few years back).

I recommend this camera for anyone needing a super zoom with GPS. Just note the slightly bulky size and need to carry an extra battery.

*Excellent daylight photos
*Very good inside photos w/o a flash, for a compact camera
*GPS feature generally works well, photo locations show fine in Apple Aperture
*Zoom works quickly and they finally show a screen indicator for the zoom position
*HD video works well
*HDMI out is handy, but the cable is sold separately

*Battery life is not great with GPS on (about 200 photos/battery). The low battery indicator starts flashing red pretty early (with 25-30% left), so that could be a pro or con.
*Camera is bulky compared to my old SD800IS, so get a case that will hold it. It is 4.16x2.42x1.31in