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    Bogota Mayor Proposes Outlawing Bullfighting in Capital


    by NTDTelevision

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    Bullfighting takes place in Janurary and Feburary and there are 86 bullrings in Colombia. But in the capital Bogota, the mayor proposes banning bullfights as he joins a protest outside a bullring. Here's more.

    Bogota's mayor wants to ban bullfighting in Colombia's capital, calling it a dated practice that glorifies animal mistreatment and death.

    He was taking part in a protest outside a bullring in Bogota to protest fights traditionally held in January and February.

    This bullring in Bogota seats some 14,500 and is among 86 arenas throughout the country.

    Bogota's Mayor says he wants to turn it into an arts center.

    [Gustavo Petro, Bogota's Mayor]:
    "It's a public place, a bullfighting arena, and it should be used for the city's numerous cultural events. But it should be closed to any possibility of shows revolving around death. All shows, culture, and art revolving around life are welcome."

    Protesters smeared blood on their faces to protest the violent shows.

    [Javier Esteban Forero, Protestor]:
    "With what we are doing, putting blood on ourselves, we want to show people that the suffering of the animals, as I said before, is not a kind of cultural activity."

    But inside, the show went on.

    One fan says the bullfights should be allowed to continue.

    [Hernando Alsate, Bullfighting Fan]:
    "Talking in the first person, I don't like soccer, but that is no reason for me to go and stand in front of the door of a stadium and insult people so that they don't enter."