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    British Newlyweds Describe Surviving Cruise Ship Sinking


    by NTDTelevision

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    Ian and Janice Donoff were terrified when their world suddenly turned upside down. The British newlyweds described what they experienced as the cruise ship Costa Concordia tilted over and started sinking.

    Two British honeymooners said on Monday they thought they were going to die eleven days into their marriage.

    The couple tried to escape the stricken cruise ship Costa Concordia after it ran aground off an Italian island.

    British newlyweds Ian and Janice Donoff were enjoying a magic show on the vessel when the lights suddenly went off and there was a loud noise.

    They remained calm and went back to their cabin to change into warmer clothes and collect their passports.

    They had not realized how serious the situation was until the ship started to list badly.

    It took the couple about six hours to evacuate the ship after they had arrived at their assigned meeting point, the "muster station."


    Ian described how they had to use a ladder to climb through a glass window to get outside.

    He went on to describe how passengers scrambled to go up the ladder one-by-one to get outside.


    Earlier the couple had boarded a lifeboat, but it was unable to descend to the sea safely and they had to get off to make their escape via rope ladders.


    Janice told how at one point she did not think the couple would make it, less than two weeks into their marriage.

    [Janice Donoff, British Survivor]:
    "The panic did not set in until we were on that level and it was listing and we thought that if the boat went over completely we would not get out. And we did think we would die."


    After getting to the island of Giglio, they were taken to the mainland by ferry, and then on to Rome.

    They praised the work of the Italian authorities.

    [Janice Donoff, British Survivor]:
    "They were brilliant, brilliant."