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    A few recipes with Moulin Saint-Michel olive oil


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    Since 1744, the Moulin Saint-Michel in Mouriès, in the Valley of Baux-de-Provence, has been processing the harvest of the olive growers in the Alpilles, near the foothills of the Alps. Our family has been passionately involved in this region, this history and this noble trade for three generations. We carefully watch over the origin of the olives and, respecting ancestral techniques, store them in our lofts before bringing them to the heart of the mill where they are stripped, washed, and ground.

    We then carry out a single cold pressing, always resulting in extra virgin quality. The oil is composed of the main varieties found in the Valley of Baux-de-Provence: the Grossane olive, the Salonenque, Verdale, Berruguette, and the Picholine, an ideal combination refining and elevating the flavours of the food with which it is used.

    Every drop of this precious nectar contains a piece of our Provence, a piece of our heart and our passion.

    Christian et Laurent Rossi