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    Inox Company,Stainless steel company


    by mico28

    We would like to introduce you our company and its range.
    We are a company SZR Stainless steel INTERIOR, Bana Milutin 76, Pozega, exist since 1990 and we are selling, producing a range of stainless steel (INOX stainless steel) and brass.
    For more information see the website
    The primary activity is the production of elements made of stainless steel and brass:
    Ball, rosette, midfielder, hat (cap), cap, ring, clip, decoration, end of the tube, spikes, and other ornaments.
    Wide range of exclusive design and elegance: the initial poles, handles, handrails, gates, railings, canopy, beds, tables, chairs, rails, mast, masts, chandeliers, router, trim, flag stands, shelves, carpet track holder, lamp, garnisne, carts, catering, front-poles and other products as requested