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    United Kingdom Talk Tuesday 17th January 2012

    Chris Reardon

    by Chris Reardon

    Tuesday's talk show.
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    The second puberty.
    Getting out of something you hate doing.
    Where I'm working at nights.
    Rebuilding bridges with a friend.
    They don't ring back.
    Just about to enter middle age.
    Cinema profits.
    An explosion on the TV screen. You won't believe this !
    Hide & take your own food & drink.
    Trying to keep contact with friends.
    Losing 9 stone in weight.
    Am I being morbid ?
    Do you allow yourself to be happy ?
    A whole packet of chocolate fingers.
    Don't have regrets.Change your life now.
    No more games machines.
    Are you working too much ?
    Strong cheese.
    Crisps are on their way.
    Being silly at home.
    More new graphics.
    The wonders of modern medicine.