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    Accident Sets Off Tunnel Fireworks Display


    by NTDTelevision

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    A tunnel in southern China lit up with red and green sparks after a truck loaded with fireworks and firecrackers lost its load. Firefighters took three hours to put out the fire.

    A truck carrying fireworks dropped its load and set off a series of colorful explosions inside a tunnel in southern China's Hunan Province on Saturday, state media reported.

    The truck -- packed with fireworks and firecrackers -- was driving through the Jiaoxi Ridge Number One Tunnel on Saturday morning when it hit a wall and lost its load, causing some of the fireworks to explode as they hit the ground.

    Red, yellow and green sparks could be seen inside the smoke-filled tunnel as firefighters attempted to douse the fireworks with water -- a task that took three hours to finish.

    Traffic stretched back three miles while the tunnel was closed.

    No casualties were reported, according to state television.

    The accident took place about a week before Chinese New Year, when families gather and set off the ancient Chinese inventions all across the country in celebration.