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    Quattuor failed PCB test (sweep from 15Hz to 30KHz)


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    This is a PCB for the Quattuor project. Basically it is a stereo amplifier with controls for volume, balance, bass and treble. This board in particular was defective by design and had to be rectified and repaired in order to work properly. The PCB is now connected to a pair of Visaton FR 10 speakers, as predicted in the final project. In this video, the circuit is being tested by supplying a 316mV RMS sine wave signal, with frequency ranging from 15Hz to 30KHz. The signal is generated by the computer with the aid of SineGen. An oscilloscope and a multimeter are directly connected to the right speaker. The multimeter gives the frequency of the output signal in KHz, while the oscilloscope shows the shape of the output signal and gives the output RMS voltage. Sorry about the sound quality and the associated sampling errors... camera's fault!

    Created: March 14, 2010