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    Comedy Show Jay Hind! Episode 85: Sachin on Twitter


    by JayHind

    Sachin joins Twitter - the world goes crazy, George Bush wipes his hand on Clinton, in LNN - Rakesh Roshan plans revenge on the audience for rejecting Kites & Savita bhabhi clad in a flimsy sari is stuck in Mumbai's monsoon traffic. This episode is a load of laughs - ENJOY!!!!
    Segment 1: Comedy Show Jay Hind! Sachin Underscores on Twitter
    Jay Hind! Episode 85: Segment 1 - Sumeet and Jay Hind! investigate the fallout of Sachin's joining Twitter! Mad, crazy humor.
    Segment 2 : Comedy Show Jay Hind! Bush vs Clinton
    Jay Hind! Episode 85: Segment 2 - Sumeet pushes the boundaries of Stand Up Comedy in India further and further with another spectacular bunch of gags with the highlight item - George Bush wipes his hand on Clinton's sleeve! Why? find out in this stand pout stand-up segment!
    Segment 3 : Comedy Show Jay Hind! LNN - Up Close & Personal with Rakesh Roshan
    Jay Hind! Episode 85: Segment 3 - Jay Hind! & Laid Night News - bring you an exclusive interview with Rakesh Roshan - who is busy planning his revenge on the audience (that's you) for the Kites debacle. Hilarious and yes - Hilarious! :)
    Segment 4 : Savita bhabhi ke Sexy Solutions on Traffic Rules
    Jay Hind! Episode 85: Segment 4 - Savita bhabhi is stuck in the middle of the road. There is traffic all around and she is dishing out her sexy Traffic solutions - one hell of a Traffic Stopper - this! Feast your eyes and laugh even louder!