BLUE CHILL - Enzo Versus the Sirens

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"Enzo Versus the Sirens"
from Heartlag EP (2011)!/pages/Blue-Chill/37522565698

The silent waves crashed on my ship
I've plugged my ears with wax
I made the whole trip
Firmly bound to the mast
Ulysses had warned me

A cold wind blows
My rope loosens
My shadow disappears in the dark
As their smiles disappear in the bright light
On the foamy rocks

I put my head in the burning torch
I drain the white liquid from my holes
I scar myself with the self-scorch
I'll avenge the mariners' souls

You sow chaos with love in the hearts
You sow chaos and spread it With your voice
Oh lost sailor, never fall in love with her
The Queen of Death suck the ghosts of men forever
If she's there, just one thing, go away
If she dare be heaven, then become hell

When the men of the crew rush back to their cabins
I decide to wage war on her, the greatest sin
The Queen of the Sirens against me

Enzo, I'm Enzo.

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