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    Stuffy Nose Remedy - Natural and Quick Relief in 1 Min

    Artour Rakhimov

    by Artour Rakhimov

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    Stuffy Nose Remedy - Natural and Quick Relief in 1 Min; Home Remedy for the Blocked Nose Cleared.
    More info about permanent treatment for a stuffy nose: or problems with sinusitis or nasal congestion. The key problem here is chronic hyperventilation that people rarely notice even though they breathe 2-3 times more air than the medical norm.

    This video was created by Dr. Artour Rakhimov ( and it teaches a simple respiratory exercise to unblock the nose using the Buteyko reduced breathing exercise that increases O2 levels in body cells. This exercise is also effective to eliminate shortness of breath and related problems.

    The main cause of problems with a stuffy nose is heavy breathing that leads to low CO2 levels in the airways and decreases body O2 values. People with a stuffy nose or rhinitis always have heavy and deep breathing at rest (breathing too much air) and that suppresses the immune system and promotes infections and chronic inflammation.

    You can also find more info on this site:

    Bear in mind that people with sinusitis or nasal congestion have low body O2 levels and suppressed immunity due to their heavy breathing at rest.

    Overbreathing causes losses in CO2 in the lungs, arterial blood and other body cells. As a result of low CO2, their blood vessels are constricted and the Bohr effect becomes suppressed. These 2 factors dramatically reduce O2 flow to cells since less blood arrives to tissues and even less is released in capillaries.

    Here is a similar breathing exercise for a stuffy nose – that shows how to get a relief in less than 1 minute. This exercise is also based on slower or reduced breathing that increases body O2 content and helps to clear the nose in less than a minute. - another great source related to stuffy nose problems.

    This video was created by Dr. Artour Rakhimov, a breathing trainer and teacher, and internationally known writer and educator.