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    Goran Simic - Beginning After Everything


    by poetictouch

    Alan Rickman reads Goran Simic's Beginning After Everything

    Beginning After Everything
    by Goran Simic (1952-)

    After I buried my mother
    (under fire, I sprinted from the graveyard)

    after the soldiers came with my brother
    wrapped in tarp
    (I gave them back his gun)

    after the fire in the eyes of my children
    as they ran to the cellar
    (the rats ran ahead of them)

    after I wiped the old woman's face
    with a dishtowel
    (terrified to reveal a face I knew)

    after the ravenous dog
    feasting on blood
    (just another corpse in snipers' alley)

    after everything

    I wanted to write poems like newspaper reports,
    so heartless, so cold,
    that I could forget them, forget them
    in the same moment that someone might ask me,
    "Why do you write poems like newspaper reports?"