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    How to Fall Asleep Fast: Key Lifestyle Factors

    Artour Rakhimov

    by Artour Rakhimov

    This How to Fall Asleep Fast video is about key lifestyle factors to prevent insomnia and fall asleep fast. It was created by Dr. Artour Rakhimov ( The video is for people with sleeping problems and insomnia who are looking for healthy life . It provides lifestyle changes for good sleep and the ways to increase body oxygen levels by correct breathing and in order to eliminate chronic hyperventilation.

    Falling sleep fast requires slower and easier breathing. Why should such breathing be beneficial? Physical health requires high body O2 levels since all organs and tissues require oxygen for their normal function. The problem appears when we deviate from the medical norm in the wrong direction. The most common problem is breathing too much air or hyperventilation that is the key problem for people with insomnia.

    Therefore, there are numerous lifestyle factors that are useful in order to fall asleep fast. For example, physical exercise with nose breathing greatly increases CO2 in body cells and improves O2 transport to the brain and other vital organs. Prevention of overeating and late meals also helps us to fall asleep fast due to the same causes: slower and lighter automatic breathing patterns just before and during night sleep.

    It is also important to create right conditions for sleep, such as correct temperature of the body with normal heat exchange, good quality of air, and many other factors.

    People achieve excellent sleep when they breathe in according with medical norms or even slower that that. Moreover, people start to sleep less when their body oxygenation gets higher. for example, all people who get up to 40 seconds or more for morning body O2 values require only 4-4.5 hours of night sleep. Learn more about correct breathing techniques - .

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