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    In Australia, Queenslanders Remember the 2011 Floods


    by NTDTelevision

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    In January 2011, the worst flood in the nation's history devastated much of Queensland, Australia. Twenty-five people lost their lives in what has been described as an inland tsunami and many lost their homes and everything they owned. In some cases, entire townships were demolished. One year on, Queenslanders gather at memorial services to remember those who perished. Our Australian correspondent has more.

    It's hard to imagine that the Lockyer Valley in Southeast Queensland was devastated 12 months ago by a raging wall of water that tore through, obliterating everything in its path.

    Mark Kempton was one of the first on the scene.

    [Mark Kempton, Senior Helicopter Pilot
    Emergency Management Queensland]:

    "People were on rooftops that could have been ripped apart at any time and that was the force of the water that day in the Lockyer Valley. It was horrendous, so we were in shock and I guess our training and the desire to save those people kicked in, and that's when we just started into action, started winching and kept going until literally we ran out of fuel and couldn't do any more."

    John and Kathy Mahon, along with their family, clung desperately to their roof, hoping to be saved.

    [John and Kathy Mahon, Flood Survivors]:

    "I thought I would lose my wife Kathy and my two daughters and two lovely little grandsons. That water just came in so fast and your home's supposed to be a place where you are safe."

    John thought that he and his family were going to die that day.

    [John and Kathy Mahon, Flood Survivors]:

    "Tell everyone we love you. You'll probably find our bodies in the kitchen. We said the Lord's Prayer and we were ready to die."

    Meeting the Queen during her Australian tour last October was an uplifting moment.