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    Good, Old Days


    by TheResident


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    I agree with you completely. I shake my head every time I hear someone say something like "The world has gone crazy....this sort of thing didn't happen when I was younger."

    "This sort of thing" did happen when we were younger....and was happening way before we were born. Murder, rape, molestation, kidnapping, spree killing, serial killers, etc etc etc. All of this has been part of human history and has been documented to a certain extent. Only, "these days" we have world wide media who are interested in sensationalizing such events for ratings (i.e. Nancy Grace).

    So, the good old days to many older "conservatives" are the 1950' know, white picket fences, hula hoops, Sunday mornings at church, the separation of the races, Jim Crow laws, daddy's belt, the principal's paddle, etc etc etc......oh, and momma isn't equal and is a second class citizen...she better submit to daddy's authority or else she might get the belt as well.......
    By little_jon764 years ago