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    Tour of Prebble Street

    Tom Gosse

    by Tom Gosse



    Tom Gosse
    This is a rough outline of how I made the video:

    * I went to and found the city and street I wanted. Then I saved each photo to my hard drive.
    * After saving them, I used picasa ( to arrange the photos into the correct order and rename them so that each one ended with a sequential number.
    * Then I used Adobe Premiere to import the photos as a sequential file. Since the thirty or so photos would only play as one second video, I used Premiere to adjust the time.
    * Finally, I used Premiere to export the project as an AVI video and upload to dailymotion.

    Hope it helps.
    By Tom Gosse10 years ago
    Julie Kertesz
    interesting, but too fast!
    By Julie Kertesz10 years ago