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    Tuidang, Third Most Important Event of 2011: Putin's Former Advisor


    by NTDTelevision

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    At the end of the summer of 2011, the number of people who resigned from the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations reached one hundred million. It's part of a movement called "Tuidang" or "Quit the Party" that is sweeping across China. Now, a former economic advisor to Russian leader Vladimir Putin says the Tuidang movement is one of the most important events of 2011.

    [Andrei Illarionov, Former Economic Policy Advisor to Putin 2000--2005]:
    "Currently there are more than 100 million Chinese people who have openly withdrawn from the Communist Party. I want to remind people, seven years ago, in 2004, a book titled, 'Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party' was published which encourages all Chinese citizens to quit the CCP and its associated organizations."

    These are the words of Andrei Illarionov, the former economic advisor to Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Illarionov is referring to the "Tuidang" or the "Quit the Party" movement in China. A grass roots movement of people quitting the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations.

    After serving as an economic policy advisor to then Russian President Vladimir Putin, Illarionov later declared his opposition to what he saw as the authoritarian rule of Putin's party and now sits as an assembly member for an opposition party. Illarionov also runs a radio show called "No Kidding" on a radio station called "Echo of Moscow," currently the only private political commentary radio station in Moscow.

    On January 1st, Illarionov announced the top ten important events of 2011 on his radio show. His research institute selected these events, and in the top three was the Tuidang movement.