Jacksonville IRS Garnishments


by TaxTiger642

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Visit us at http://www.tax-tiger.com/ or call us at 866.667.3829 Tax Tiger is proud of our unparalleled track record helping our clients in the area of Offer in Compromise, a program designed to help qualifying individuals and companies substantially reduce the amount of taxes they owe to the IRS. In addition, we offer a variety of additional tax resolution services to address every situation. These include: setting up affordable payment plans that work within our clients’ budgets (rather than having the IRS impose a monthly payment program that can leave a taxpayer unable to meet their monthly living expenses.) We also prepare back tax returns, help to lower/remove penalties and interest, make sure IRS liabilities are accurate, ensure IRS examinations (audits) are done fairly and accurately, research tax matters, stop wage garnishments, end bank levies, remove tax liens, prevent property seizure, remove penalties, work to place clients into “currently non collectable status” so IRS collections will halt for an extended period of time, and much more.