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    Fox hunting - Blood Sports in Ireland

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    Anna Bohach
    Perverts, motherfuckers, scumbags, fucking cunts, sadistic sociopaths I wish you die in a most painful suffering possible for what you are doing to these poor animals. You disgusting sub-human scum.
    By Anna BohachLast year
    George Graham
    what the heck is the matter with these evil people???? total human scum.....
    By George GrahamLast year
    dear god,fucking,sadistic scum,l hope you all die slowly from cancer,rotting from the inside in worst pain,like fucking trash what you are,you're not human,you 2 legged sociopathic alien fuckers,just die,perverted,evil,devilish scum,die!!!
    By partisan723 years ago
    Annette Gibson
    The people in this video are the most vile,cruelest and dispicable people I have ever seen.You are absolutely discusting to be taking part in such activity.What on earth makes sickos like this enjoy such torture?
    By Annette Gibson3 years ago
    Mag Winston
    fucking bastards
    By Mag Winston3 years ago