Haitian Earthquake Survivors Protest Over Slow Aid


by NTDTelevision

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It's been two years since the devastating earthquake hit Haiti. But quake victims say government and aid agencies have not delivered on their promises to help with the recovery effort.

Nearly six thousand Haitians marched on Wednesday to remember the earthquake and protest against what they say is a slow recovery process.

They say the government and aid organizations have not done enough to ensure the donations go to those who need them.

[Otelier Herman, Coordinator, Center of Respect and Promotion of Human Rights]:
"Two years after, nothing has been done in the poorest neighborhoods. As a citizen within the poor neighborhoods, we have found that there was not a policy for housing and that's why so many people have died."

One day before the two-year anniversary of the disaster, Haitians peacefully wound their way through the streets of Port-au-Prince, wearing white t-shirts and straw hats to symbolize unity among the poorest.

Several NGOs came together to help organize Wednesday's march, saying that access to land and housing is a fundamental right that is not being met for Haiti's earthquake survivors.

Haitians are also struggling to get access to education.

[Marie Yolen Gefrard, School Director and Representative of Platform for a Cause]:
"We've heard from a government official that there is free school for all and we haven't seen that yet. They don't pay the teachers and they collected money over and over. Still teachers are not paid, children cannot find food to eat. They are stuck in tents. The kids cannot go to school, even though they said school is free and that's not true."

Around a quarter-of-a-million Haitians were killed by the quake and more than one million were left without a home.