Pole Dancing for Fitness - Speed Bump Up

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Pole Dancing for Fitness - Speed Bump Up - as part of the fitness series by GeoBeats.

We are going to do a transition. It is a speed bump up. Let us lay on our belly. You are going to lift your bottom up. This is a speed bump. If you feel any pressure in the lower back, contract the abdomen a little bit more. We are going to go ahead and push back and we are going to drag those fingertips back, tuck your tail, round up nice and slow. It is good to take time. You can have the legs apart as you sit up. Let us do it again. We are going to go ahead and come on to the bellies. A speed bump is lifting your butt, contract your abdominal muscles, push back. You can open the legs, spread the knees if you had like. Go ahead and come, have the hands drag back, and we are going to sit up.

Now, from here, we are going to do a hip circle. So we are going to take the hips, and come up onto the knees, move the hips around and back, and around and back. We can tuck the pelvis, stretching the calves muscles, and then letting the tail sit back. Just like we have tail lights. We shine them to the ground, and now we shine them behind us. To the ground and behind us. So let us go ahead and go onto the belly, do those 2 together. Lift the bottom, speed bump. Push back into a speed bump. Up, and drag the fingertips. You can sit up with a whoosh. And let the hips come around and down, around and down. The hands can also reach up, like you are yawning. Whole body yawning, you can let the head relax, very mobile spine. And that is a transition of speed bump up to the hip circles.