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    Download the FileIce Breaker


    by arkanrodrigues

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    Download the FileIce Breaker here :

    FileIce Breaker - directly download FileIce files, (EARN 1.200- 1.500 Montly)
    Friends, today I will show you....

    ---------- iNFO & DOWNLOAD LINK ---------
    This is the 'FileIce Breaker', a simple tool that I made that lets you download a file that's uploaded to FileIce without doing a survey for it.
    ---HOW TO USE---
    1. Paste the FileIce link in the first textbox (with 'http://')
    2. Click 'Validate'
    3. Wait untill it's validated
    4. Select where you want the file to be downloaded
    5. Click the 'Break the Ice!'-button
    6. Wait untill it's loaded (the file has to be downloaded too, so if it's a large file it can take a while)
    7. Here you go! Enjoy