Advertising Console Seattle They Don't Want You Seeing This Ad, So They Keep Flagging It


    by Tanyathehomefinder

    First of all let me say the program our agents are running is 100% For Real and thats why THEY KEEP FLAGGING THE ADS, SO YOU DON"T GET TO FIND OUT ABOUT IT!

    Flagging on Craigslist Seattle has become a very big concern for business owners posting ads to any of the Craigslist Seattle Sections, but one category in particular is effecting you as a real estate home owner or home buyer. to see what they have been trying to keep you from knowing about

    It is the Real Estate for sale heading.

    Wouldn't you be upset to know that some agents were flagging ads on craigslist jut to keep you from finding out that you could use another agent to write up your house deal and GET BACK AT CLOSING UP TO 50% of their Agents commission?

    Thats THOUSANDS of dollars to you just for using these agents instead of other agents who won't do that for you.