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    The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret gets animated

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    45 流覽量 Next Media Animation presents you with an animated recap of the famous British tv series, The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret. Todd Margaret was a sad temp until his boss picked him to sell energy drinks in the UK. Todd moved overseas. He was able to convince his assistant he was a great salesman with a dead British father. This is because Todd is a pathological liar. Todd made bold claims to try and peddle his drinks. Luckily, a shopkeeper named Alice took pity on him. It turned out the drinks were toxic, that terrorists bought them to make weapons. Meanwhile, Todd's assistant was producing porn in the office and Todd's boss was gambling with company money. It was all up to Todd to save the venture. He hatched a plan to get free publicity, which backfired with disastrous results. Todd's poor decisions finally caught up with him, as did his "dead" dad. How will Todd talk his way out of this mess? Find out in an all new season of the Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret!