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    Enrique Villanueva - ET Contact and the Expansion of Consciousness


    by CaretakersOfEarth

    Enrique shares what it’s like to be face to face with these multi-dimensional beings of brotherly love and their message about humanity reaching the next level of consciousness.

    Name: Enrique Villanueva
    Title: Hypnotherapist, Author, Healer, Contactee, Rahma Guide
    Books: Hercolubus and the End of Times; I Lived 4 Days in the 4th Dimension; The Map of the Great Treasure
    Book Link:

    We caught up with Enrique Villanueva in the corridors of the 8th Annual Conscious Life Expo conference in Los Angeles last February, 12, 2011. I first met Enrique a year prior at a presentation he was giving on making ET contact. It resonated with me and I have been intrigued ever since.

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