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    Australia carbon tax has Gillard in a sweat

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    9 流覽量 In 2010, Australian Labor Party candidate Julia Gillard promised not to introduce a carbon tax if elected PM. She won by a razor thin margin. Heavy reliance on coal means Australia is of the world's worse carbon dioxide polluters. Many Australians are outraged at Gillard's U-turn. Carbon will cost A$23 per ton for large polluters for the first three years. The price afterwards will be set by the market. Opposition leader Tony Abbott has lambasted Gillard's scheme as a job killer that will harm competitiveness. Former leader Malcolm Turnbull has so far stayed silent. Gillard's alliance with the Greens will help her pass the scheme, but if Labor loses the next election Abbott has vowed to roll carbon pricing back. He says he has his own scheme to reduce greenhouse gasses.